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The Photography of Catriona Fraser - Easily the best Scottish photographer on the web. Her B&W Infrared images of the Pictish stones and stones circles are absolutely amazing.

Pictish Nation - The internet's first (and still best) site dedicated to the Picts.

Fraser Gallery's 2003 Pictish Nation Art Show.

Kingdom of Pictland in Exile - The Kingdom of Pictland-in-Exile was proclaimed a Sovereign nation in exile on 3 March 1812, in a Decretum Regius, by His Majesty King George III, Hereditary High King of the Northern Picts.

Books About the Picts - A continously growing list of books about the Picts.

Pictish Drawings - Drawings and Limited edition lithographs by award winning artist F. Lennox Campello. All work is based on Pictish imagery.

Pictish Googling - 200 Pictish links by Google.

Webstones - Stunning stone work in this site. The carvings on display are the work of Ronald Henderson, Bridge of Earn in Scotland. Beautiful stonework!

Scotland and Spain: The Ancient Connections - Myth, lore and a bit of history about the ancient connections between Spain and Scotland as it refers to the Pictish origin myths.

Coalition of the Pictish people - A discussion board for Pictish political, historical,and Social organization and discussion. Established in the USA in 1997.

The Modern Pictish Stones of Barry Grove - A contemporary Scottish stonemason re-creates some of the most famous Pictish stones.

Pictish Arts Society - Home of the society dedicated to the preservation of Pictish culture

Pictish Chronicle - A translation from the "A" Text by T. H. Weeks.

Pictish Chronicle - Facsimile of the Pictish Chronicle.

Pictish Ale - Heather Ale based on a 2000 year old Pictish recipe.

Pictish Names - A scholarly research paper by Tangwystyl verch Morgant Glasvryn and the best resource on the internet on Pictish names.

Origins of Pictish Symbolism - Onlibe book by the Earl of Southesk.

Kim Headlee's Novels - A new fiction book with a Pictish heroine!

Scatness Broch - Nice page on this Shetland broch

Elgin Museum Pictish Stones - Images of the Pictish stones in this Scottish museum.

Robbie The Pict - The story of Brian Robertson, now known as Robbie the Pict.

Pictish High Commission - A new Declaration of Independence for Scotland by Robbie The Pict

Pictish Ale Recipe - 2000 year old recipe to brew Pictish ale.

Pictish Trail - Details several Pictish trails in Ross and Cromarty for thosse who want to visit the area.

Angus: What's in a Name? - origin of the name of Angus County, with a bit of Pictish history.

Pictish Designs - Beautiful rings with Celtic and Pictish motiffs.

KJ Craftworks - Beautiful hand-crafted hairsticks and one-of-a-kind art out of wood using both traditional and modern hand tools.

Irish Picts? - The Picts in Orkney

Pictish Vision - Pictish Incense.

Ancient Scotland - Lots of info and images on the Picts

Meffan Museum - Small museum in Forfar with some Pictish interest.

More Pictish Links - Pictish Links in the Rook's Family Home Page.

Scotland's Symbol Stones - Controversial book by Perthshire author Edward Peterson.

Moors - Musical group. Musician Sharynne MacLeod NicMhacha claims to be able to sing/chant in six languages including "Pictish."

University of York - Pictish Archeological digs at Tarbat, a possible Pictish monastery on the Moray Firth

John Duncan's Pictish Pages - Scottish History Online: Pictish Pages.

Deer Trap - Is Pictish Ogham just Old Norse?

Rowan's Woad Page - The history, cultivation, and use of woad.

Groam House Museum - Terrific museum site. Home of the the magnificent Rosemarkie cross-slab

Robert E. Howard - The Picts in the fantasy literature of Robert E. Howard, who introduced the Picts to many young readers via the Conan stories.

First Annual Pictish Games And Celtic Revel - A report from the first ever Pictish Games and Celtic Revel. Held on Samhain weekend 1997

The Picts - Article by Lorraine MacDonald.

Doctrinal Summary - Two brief stories from the life of St. Columba, the Apostle of Scotland, written by his disciple St. Adaman

Prehistoric Grampian - Excellent List of sites around Aberdeen - without a doubt the best stone circle hunter's guide for this area.

Home of Cinaet - King Kenneth MacAlpin's 34th grandson!

The Picts - A superb Pictish home page by Graeme Fairbrother

The Picts - The Pictish language by Kelly Vincent

The Pictish trail in Easter Ross - The Pictish Trail in Ross and Cromarty.

The Picts - A short piece on the Picts by Merrie Haskell.

The Pictish Inscriptions of Scotland - Dr. Katherine Forsyth.

Celtic Knot - Beautiful enamel pins using Pictish and Celtic designs by William Spear.

Ardival Harps - Makers of medieval gut-strung Pictish-style harps.

Scotland's Pre-Historic Monuments - Pictish stones, circles, cairns, brochs. Some photos.

Kilmartin House Trust - This terrific site gives a taste of the museum and also allows visitors to preview the astonishing collection of ancient sites that surround the village.

Bluestone Design - Situated in Dumbarton, ancient Celtic capital of the Kingdom of Strathclyde, is a new company that specialises in the manufacture of Celtic/Pictish stencils, Scottish Slate clocks, and Scented Gemstone candles.

The Picts - Small piece by Merrie Haskell.

Elgin Cathedral - Opposite side of Pictish stone at Elgin Cathedral.

Pictish Baby Name - Analysis of having 'Pictish' as a baby name.

Dunsinane Tae Dundurn - Pictish site.

Pictish High Kings - List of High Kings.

Stoneline Designs - Images from the Ancient Stones.

Pictish Silks - Silk Pictish Craftwork by Tarbat children.

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"Victorious Pict"
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