The Modern Pictish Stones of Barry Grove

Pictish stone skills are not forgotten! Contemporary artist Barry Grove has created the following stones using Pictish images which still deliver a powerful reminder of that lost civilization! All these particular carvings are done using reclaimed sandstone and can be produced to any scale.

The Aberlemno Seahorses are copied from the famous Aberlemno Stone, located near the Cathedral Village of Brechin in Angus.

The Govan Stone is an amalgamation of various images from the collection of Govan Parish Church (done for a TV programme called 'The Time Team')

The Papil Stone is a copy of real Papil Stone, located on the Island of Burra, Shetland (440mm*380mm*65mm).

Hilton of Cadboll
Barry Grove is currently working on a replica of the 'Hilton of Cadboll' stone. The work is to be erected in the site of the chapel where it is thought the original stone stood.


List of Pictish Links

The Photography of Catriona Fraser - Easily the best Scottish photographer on the web. Her B&W Infrared images of the Pictish stones and stones circles are absolutely amazing.

Pictish Nation - The internet's first (and still best) site dedicated to the Picts.

Books About the Picts - A continously growing list of books about the Picts.

Pictish Drawings - Drawings and Limited edition lithographs by award winning artist F. Lennox Campello. All work is based on Pictish imagery.

Scotland and Spain: The Ancient Connections - Myth, lore and a bit of history about the ancient connections between Spain and Scotland as it refers to the Pictish origin myths.

The Modern Pictish Stones of Barry Grove - A contemporary Scottish stonemason re-creates some of the most famous Pictish stones.

Pictish Arts Society - Home of the society dedicated to the preservation of Pictish culture

Images of Pictish Stones - An index of Pictish symbol stones

Pictish Ale - Heather Ale based on a 2000 year old Pictish recipe.

Pictish Names - A scholarly research paper by Tangwystyl verch Morgant Glasvryn and the best resource on the internet on Pictish names.

British Archeology Magazine - Carved symbols point to the high status of Pictish women, argues Ross Samson in this article from April of 1995.

The Pictii - Terrific page from "Britannia," lots of photos of people dressed as Picts plus good text.

Pictish Stone Tests Museum Policy - Interesting article from British Archaeology, June 1996 on the removal of Stones to museums.

Kim Headlee's Novels - A new fiction book with a Pictish heroine!

Scatness Broch - Nice page on this Shetland broch

Britannia Rex - Arhturian page on the Picts

Elgin Museum Pictish Stones - Images of the Pictish stones in this Scottish museum.

Robbie The Pict - The story of Brian Robertson, now known as Robbie the Pict.

Pictish High Commission - A new Declaration of Independence for Scotland by Robbie The Pict

Pictish Ogham Inscriptions - Complete list of all the known Pictish Ogham inscriptions.

Pictish Ale Recipe - 2000 year old recipe to brew Pictish ale.

Valtos: brochs and wheelhouses - Archeological digs near Callanish, Isle of Lewis.

Hermetica's Guide to the Pictish Stones - Every Pictish Symbol Stones by Location

Pictish Trail - Details several Pictish trails in Ross and Cromarty for thosse who want to visit the area.

Angus: What's in a Name? - origin of the name of Angus County, with a bit of Pictish history.

Pictish Designs - A whole Pictish pictographic menagerie.

Irish Picts? - An essay on the possible existance of Picts in Ireland

Broch of Guerness - The remains of the Broch of Gurness can be found on the north-eastern shore of the Orkney mainland. This site also links to the Broch of Midhowe and the Broch of Borwick

Pictish Vision - Pictish Incense.
Ancient Scotland - Lots of info and images on the Picts

Meffan Museum - Small museum in Forfar with some Pictish interest.

Rulers of Scotland - Includes the Pictish Chronicles and lists all the Pictish Kings.

Birth of a Nation - Pictish refernec page with some images. This is part of the Loch Ness Monster web site.

Pictish Art - A new site by Laura Cochrane. Several nice photographs and good text and links.

More Pictish Links - Pictish Links in the Rook's Family Home Page.

Scotland's Symbol Stones - Controversial book by Perthshire author Edward Peterson.

Pictish Rituals - Another witchcraft page using "Pictish Magic."

Moors - Musical group. Musician Sharynne MacLeod NicMhacha claims to be able to sing/chant in six languages including "Pictish."

Christine Freelin's Pictish Jewelry - One of the best jewelers working Pictish themes.

Glenmorangie - Pictish History according to Glenmorangie, the Great Scotch Singlemalt

History of Comrie - Lots of Pictish references in this history.

University of York - Pictish Archeological digs at Tarbat, a possible Pictish monastery on the Moray Firth

Univ. of Edinburgh - Proto-Pictish Archeological Research at Loch na Berie

Deer Trap - A 1400 year old Pictish deer trap.

Rowan's Woad Page - The history, cultivation, and use of woad.

Woad - An odd 1921 English Boy Scout lyric on the suspected coloring herb of the Picts.

Groam House Museum - Terrific museum site. Home of the the magnificent Rosemarkie cross-slab

Conan Mud - The Picts in the fantasy literature of Robert E. Howard, who introduced the Picts to many young readers via the Conan stories.

The Pictish tribe Smertae - An excerpt from W.J. Watson's Book, "The Celtic Placenames of Scotland" describing this Pictish tribe.

Magic as Taught by the Picts - Unusual page from "The Big Book of York"

First Annual Pictish Games And Celtic Revel - A report from the first ever Pictish Games and Celtic Revel. Held on Samhain weekend 1997

The Picts - Article by Lorraine MacDonald.

Doctrinal Summary - Two brief stories from the life of St. Columba, the Apostle of Scotland, written by his disciple St. Adaman

Prehistoric Grampian - Excellent List of sites around Aberdeen - without a doubt the best stone circle hunter's guide for this area.

Home of Cinaet - King Kenneth MacAlpin's 34th grandson!

The Picts - A superb Pictish home page by Graeme Fairbrother

The Picts - A short piece on the Picts by Merrie Haskell.

The Eradication of Bryth and the Fate of the Briton - An entymological essay by Toby D. Griffen.

The Pictish Inscriptions of Scotland - A lecture by Katherine Forsyth, St. Hilda's College, Oxford.

What the Hell is a Pict? - An article by Darrin Kerrigan

Razorwitch Pictish Witchcraft - A pagan, witchcraft site which uses "Pictish magic."

Celtic Knot - Beautiful enamel pins using Pictish and Celtic designs by William Spear.

Ardival Harps - Makers of medieval gut-strung Pictish-style harps.

Carvic Industries - Producers of Pictish recreations for the tourist trade in Scotland.

Jaracraft - Based in Stromness, Orkney. Has been producing a wide range of crafts since 1991. Specializes in Pictish and Celtic carved slabs and crosses.

Hidden Facets of Pictish Symbol Stones - Radical new theory about the stones by Alligator Descartes.

Scotland's Pre-Historic Monuments - Pictish stones, circles, cairns, brochs. Some photos.

The Old Bank House - Cross Stitch chart and kit producer, situated in the small fishing village of Gardenstown in the North East of Scotland. The products include the most elaborate and intricate representations of Celtic and Pictish Artwork.

Kilmartin House Trust - This terrific site gives a taste of the museum and also allows visitors to preview the astonishing collection of ancient sites that surround the village.

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