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Pictish Arts Society

The Pictish Arts Society was founded in 1988 to affirm the importance of Pictish culture in Scotland's past - a past which inspires the present. The Society forms a focus for study and discussion, but its activities are not narrowly restricted and through a broad approach to the life and times of the Picts they strive to place them more clearly in their Dark Age and wider context.

The PAS runs programs of monthly lectures by leading authorities, which take place in Edinburgh, but are complemented by seminars and other meetings around Scotland throughout the year.

Since 1992 the Society has also staged an annual conference in which all aspects of Pictish heritage have been explored, including the problems caused to the stones by weathering and pollution. The PAS Conference moves around Scotland to meet a growing number of new members.

PAS activities also reflect the growing awareness and use of Pictish symbolism by artists and craftworkers. Wherever possible Conferences are supported by craft fairs and exhibitions designed to heighten public awareness of the Pictish stones.

Field trips also form an important part of the PAS calendar and are accompanied by illustrated field guide publications.

As a member of the PAS, you will receive their journal, which is usually published 2-3 times a year. This publication has developed into an important and stimulating contribution to contemporary Pictish studies. It has become the forum for new ideas and information in the field and it is used by the professional and the interested enthusiast alike. There is also a bright and interesting newsletter which serves to keep members informed of local events and PAS news. They have also developed an extensive archive of books and other publications, including photography and artwork. Its importance as a source of material to students and others can only increase.

To join the PAS, send a note to:

27 George Square
Edinburgh EH8 9LD

Annual membership costs are as follow:

Student/Unwaged - 12 British pounds
Individual - 14 British pounds
Couple/Family - 16 British pounds
International - 25 British pounds
Corporate/Institutional membership is by donation.

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